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Challenges our clients face
"I feel our own sales reps get it, but I really don't know how well our strategic message is delivered by our distributors."
No doubt your direct sales people understand and carry out your strategic direction consistently and effectively.  What about your distributors?  Do you know what they (and you) may be missing? Team Chemistry can help you assess the effectiveness of your distributor relationships and help turn them from cost centers to profit drivers.
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"We work hard to implement a solid stewardship program, but too often we don't know how our products are being used by our distributors' customers."
Today the potential threat of environmental liability is ever present for all who deal with chemicals.  Increasingly, the responsibility for product stewardship remains with the producer, even after the chemical has moved down the value chain.  Smart producers know this and require strict compliance from distributors.  But how many seize this as a commercial opportunity to establish stronger customer relationships and market intelligence?
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"Our sales strategy is focused on customer needs, but I often wonder, in the real world, can everyone win?"
We assume all our clients want to be the supplier of choice for their customers.  Are your sales reps focused on what is truly important to your customers, or merely trying to sell more stuff?  The Team Chemistry approach ensures that your sales reps will focus on what your customers are trying to do and how your product can help.
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"We provide training for our sales staff, but too often they come back just talking price."
In today’s chemical marketplace, all sales are technical sales to some degree.  Do your sales reps ask the right questions of the right people, or do they just tell the product story? Team Chemistry is based on the belief that profits flow to those sales teams that get beyond mere selling to discover the end user's metrics.
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