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The documents listed here are available absolutely free.  Download, print, discuss, dissect, and disseminate to your heart's content.  We ask only that you not alter the files, claim them as your own work, or charge for their use.
PDFs require Acrobat Reader which you can download for free from Adobe.

Trust and Transparency: Supplier Relationships in the Chemical Industry
JCT CoatingsTech, April 2006 |

Throughout our respective careers, success has depended in large measure on the effectiveness of the relationships we developed between distributors and producer representatives.  Speaking informally with chemical industry insiders in early 2005, we often heard about how the system was broken—or at least not working as well as it might.  We asked ourselves to what degree this reflected the broad reality of the chemical industry today.  In mid-2005 we conducted an in-depth survey of chemical producers and distributors.  What we learned is captured in this article.  Download the article

In the fight against Cryptosporidium, can old technology be the best solution?
Water Conditioning & Purification International, March 2006 |

When a manufacturer of proven water purification technology asked us to help them extend their reach into new market territory, we began by mapping the potential market segments where their system would have unique value from an end user’s perspective.  This article was produced and published by Team Chemistry to introduce our client’s capability to a new market segment where it offered a novel approach to a perplexing end user challenge.  Download the article



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