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Approximately 100 industry participants and other interested parties attended the recent California Chemical Industry Forum in Los Angeles to learn about and discuss chemical management policy in California.
Download the Attendee Survey Results.

Team Chemistry LLC is a consultancy focused on increasing profits for our clients through a counterintuitive approach to product stewardship and the buy/sell relationship.

Our clients are companies who recognize that they can increase profits and improve environmental responsibility by optimizing relationships throughout the product lifecycle.

In traditional relationships, information exchange includes gaps which are unacceptable in today's marketplace. Too often producers don't know where their products go or how they are being used. Distributors get little direction from producers and end users are on their own when it comes to product utilization.

In Team Chemistry-enabled relationships, information flows across boundaries as the lifeblood of the multi-enterprise, allowing all parties to benefit from increased transparency and aligned metrics. With multi-enterprise accountability, producers and their distributors are able to make more money while selling only what end users really need.


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